Environmental Management

  • Vacuum Truck Services – liquids, solids, and dust/particulate removal and disposition, hydro-vacuum/excavation, and spill recovery
  • Underground and Above Ground Storage Tank Management – tank interior cleaning, phase separation corrective actions, water bottom removal, sump and spill bucket maintenance, UST and AST removal and closure, LUST remediation
  • Remediation Support and Equipment Services – excavation and test pitting, contaminated soil removal and disposal/recycling, vacuum excavation/air knifing, delineation/soil gas survey, operation and maintenance of treatment systems
  • OSHA Trained Labor Support – BERM is networked to provide additional trained labor to support any size project
  • Mold Management – assessment, sampling and analysis, remediation, repairs, and disposal
  • Sample Technicians and Lab Services – trained in the EPA protocols for sampling containers, soil, air, vessels and tanks. BERM will provide laboratory services for waste characterization, air quality/mold, materials identification, radon, mercury, fugitive dusts and odors. BERM can also provide on site real time sampling with a host of calibrated meters for instant qualitative results. BERM is also networked with a long list of Certified Industrial Hygienists for analysis interpretation and recommendations.