BERM understands that your facility must be at maximum productivity and efficiency, but at times to achieve this goal maintenance and cleaning of equipment and vessels must be done. General housekeeping and the industrial cleaning of equipment and vessels in bulk storage facilities, factories, power generating plants and other industrial job sites can be one of the most difficult jobs to perform. There is a myriad of conditions that can be encountered. BERM has over 30 years of experience in the field of industrial cleaning and maintenance and can handle the tough jobs. BERM can also design and budget housekeeping and cleaning programs for your facility to avoid costly maintenance and potential violations with regulatory agencies.

BERM conducts both field and desk-based research to manage your compliance needs. BERM will provide completed and detailed reports for ALL projects, big or small, and written in a manner that can be understood by all of your personnel. BERM can interpret data, which includes a detailed assessment of the data, sometimes using software-modelling packages to see where compliance concerns exist, and then provide comprehensive corrective action plans in accordance with current legislation. BERM environmental field based activities also includes a broad range of industrial cleaning and maintenance services to maximize productivity and efficiency of equipment, such as storage tanks and plating lines.