Remediation of Mercury Release/Removal and Disposal of Mercury Containing Apparatus

Philadelphia AreaCommercial

BERM assisted customer with the recovery of released mercury discovered in the cabinets of several graphing machines. Mercury filled apparatus, in this case balancers, were hydraulically operated and upon disconnecting the water feed and return lines from the balancer rings by others, mercury was released into the cabinets and to the unprotected floor at the base of the cabinets. The BERM team recovered the released mercury with a mercury vacuum unit, removed any affected items from the cabinet, and containerized the generated waste. BERM utilized a JEROME Mercury Analyzer throughout the remediation and upon completion with final readings significantly below the permissible exposure limit (PEL). Upon completion of the remediation, the BERM team was requested to locate and remove for disposal all mercury containing articles throughout the building. Approximately 12 articles, including non-leaking balancers and thermostats were removed and packaged for disposal without incident.

Project Photos